So you’ve seen the advertisements and have finally taken the plunge and are now the proud owner of a 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000. You’re all excited, and right away want to try out all the features you saw in the commercial.

But where do you start? And where are all those fancy apps they advertised to sell you the Tab?

The BAD news is they didn’t tell you everything, not even in their User manual. The GOOD news is that those features they advertised do exist, and you just need to know how to get them to work!

Thats where the Samsung GALAXY Tab X-Book extended user guide comes in! It shows you how you can do much more with your Tab, and extend it’s capabilities, so you can look very cool in front of your friends! All this without having to spend hours searching the Internet for How-Tos…

Table of Contents

  • Installing Flash Player 10.1 & Reducing system load when viewing pages with flash videos
  • Installing FREE Flash-based casual games
  • Making Skype calls
  • Taking screenshots
  • Syncing to iTunes
  • Using Augmented Reality
  • Bypassing the Activation screen
  • Rooting the Tab
  • Un-freezing the Tab
  • Protecting your Tab’s software (with caution & Anti-Virus)
  • Go hands-free with Voice commands
  • Language translation & Search using Voice
  • Performing a Visual Search with your Tab
  • DUAL-SIM your Tab
  • Print documents ANYWHERE using your Tab
  • Install Google Maps 5.0 on your Tab
  • Install the latest Android Market on your Tab
  • App Library for your Tab based on your Profile
  • BONUS: Video tips from YouTube (including getting paid apps for free)

If you already own a Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 tablet, and you intend to unleash it’s full potential, you need this guide!

Thats not all! For a limited time only, you also get to download PDF versions of the Android 2.2 Official User Manual and the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Official User Manual with this guide!

[This e-book is no longer available]