E-books as most of us are aware are electronic books where the content can be read using readers like Acrobat reader or Foxit reader etc. The advantage of an e-book is that a single copy is enough to sell over and over again. And thats where it gets instantly profitable!

There are 3 broad steps to starting your own E-book reselling business:

  1. Have an e-book to sell
  2. Having a website for the e-book
  3. Launch & promote your e-book

E-book can either be created or can be bought for re-sale. If you don’t want to spend considerable amount of time creating one, or if writing is not your strength, you can get started right away by buying e-books for Resale. You must ensure that you have Resell Rights (RR), Master Resell Rights (MRR) and Private Label Rights (PLR) over the copy.

You buy the e-book at lesser cost and resell it for a higher price and mutliple times thus attaining greater profit margin. And you can sell the same copy to as many customers as you want! This is a booming business.

Now-a-days, e-books are available with re-sale rights so that you don’t have to edit or re-write the entire book but instead you need to pay few dollars extra to achieve this right.

The second step is to select a website so as to sell your e-book. Certain websites sell them for free whereas some expect commission in the profit. But, for both of them the procedure to host is the same. Upload you e-book and decide it’s price by marking it up from their base price and that becomes the price of the book. If you choose free websites, your book doesn’t appear on the front page as a premium copy, for this purpose you need to pay around $10 per month.

You also have a choice of promoting & selling your e-book online for FREE using Facebook.

The other way around is to create your own website to sell your e-books. You get to keep 100% of the profits, but you need to work on driving traffic. To see how I have setup my e-book store, click here.

However, marketing technique is the most important step here. Once you have a link to a web page created for your e-book, actively promoting your e-books & driving more traffic to the link can give you greater profit margins.

You can use the following techniques to promote & drive more traffic to your e-book page:

  1. Make public Facebook & Twitter posts linking back to your e-book page
  2. Share the page on bookmarking sharing websites such as StumbleUpon, delicious, etc.
  3. Include link sharing social bookmark on the e-book page if possible

If you have decided to resell e-books, you need to find the websites which offer you e-books at lower prices and also provide you with re-sale rights. (eg. http://www.idplr.com).