I keep getting asked this question about how best can one go about making money online, so here is a quick post to get you started with the most common Online Business Models.


AFFILIATE Business Model

This business model consists of becoming a promoter for someone else’s product (e-books, software, physical goods, etc.) in return for commissions on sales or leads.

To do this you can join affiliate programs of individual merchants, or signup with affiliate networks which allow you to promote products from multiple merchants with a single affiliate account. Here are a few popular affiliate networks you could be a part of to start with:

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RESELLER Business Model

As a reseller you will earn an income from the difference in price of whatever product you buy and how much you sell it for. The product could be anything from infoproducts (e-books) to Consumer Electronics to apparels, and more.

Here are a few trusted wholesalers you can start with:


CYOP Business Model

CYOP stands for Create Your Own Product (or Service), and involves developing a Product/Service and then launching & marketing it off a website created exclusively for that purpose.

The following useful resources could help you work towards this business model:


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