Get valuable advice for Internet Marketers from David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR, with this FREE download from HubSpot.

This special edition guide contains 20 ‘how-to’ lessons covering a range of topics on Internet Marketing.

The Table of Contents for this free e-book is as follows:

  • how get found online as a local business /7
  • how to use your email list effectively /10
  • how to optimize your press release /13
  • how to ask your boss to reduce traditional marketing /16
  • how to keep up with the competition /19
  • how to learn from companies outside your industry /22
  • how to measure online marketing /25
  • how to make the most of web ads /28
  • how to deal with negative comments /31
  • how to write an ebook for business /34
  • how to crowdsource videos for business /37
  • how to use the web to optimize offline events /40
  • how to keep up with news & emerging trends /43
  • how to create an effective buyer persona /46
  • how to find time to create content /49
  • how to optimize your twitter presence /52
  • how to choose images for your website /55
  • how to qualify leads for your sales team /58
  • how to leverage paid media /61
  • how to kickstart your mobile marketing /64

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