With quad core smartphones becoming more affordable, I often see a lot of young professionals get excited about upgrading to a more “powerful” smartphone egged on by TV commercials that promise a more responsive or better multi-tasking smartphone. But there are things they are not aware of as the manufacturers haven’t given them the whole story!


So Should You Go For A Quad Core Smartphone Too?

There has been an explosion in the number of quad core smartphones hitting the market predominantly running the Android operating system.

In fact there have beenĀ  so many of them that manufacturers have already started competing on price while some have moved up to offer octa core (eight cores) processor based smartphones.

Logically it would seem FOUR cores in a quad core processor can handle tasks faster than TWO core in a dual core. But did you know…

Better Performance Is Not Just About The Number Of Cores

A dual core processor with specialized units for graphics processing (also called GPU), camera photo processing, and background tasks such as app updates, can function just as well as a quad core processor.

Another fact is that two higher frequency cores are faster than four lower frequency cores. A fact that many manufacturers hope you are not aware of.

Also do not forget the operating system which plays an important part in allocating processing tasks to the main processor cores and other assisting units. Lets just say they have yet to be able to use all the four cores in a quad core processor much less the eight cores in an octa core.


So the next time you think about forking your savings for a “powerful” quad or octa core processor smartphone, make sure you check out the smartphone via hands-on reviews or by reviewing it in your own hands.

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