internet censorship

Internet Censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the Internet. It may be implemented by governments or by private organizations at the behest of government decrees, regulator regulations, or on their own initiative for moral, religious, or business reasons, to conform to societal norms.

The extent of Internet censorship varies from country-to-country. Most democratic countries have moderate Internet censorship mainly relating to morally & socially inappropriate content.

Some countries, however, go as far as to limit the access of information such as news and suppress discussion among citizens. Internet censorship also occurs in response to or in anticipation of events such as elections, protests, and riots.

What Do You Need To Bypass Internet Censorship

As there are millions of users accessing the internet in most countries, automated censorship in the form of Website Access control is used.

This consists of an automated filter software that blocks access to certain domain names such as,, etc. by reading requests from your web browser, VoIP app, Bittorrent app, etc.

If the filter software cannot read the requests from your apps, it cannot determine if you are making the request to a blocked website or online service.

Hence, the simplest solution is to use a Proxy (intermediate) software through which you can route your web requests. The Proxy softwares encrypt & obfuscate the web request before it passes through your ISP’s web filters, and then decrypts it to pass on the web request to the correct destination.The reverse happens when the data your app requested is sent to your computer.


Some proxies work by using a software client on your computer which communicates with its online server, while other proxies are completely online.

Which Proxy Do You Use

Remember all data exchanged between your computer and any blocked website or service passes through a 3rd party server. Hence, chances of sensitive information being captured and stored for malicious intent are very high.

Such phishing services often disguise themselves as anonymous proxy services and lie in wait for unsuspecting victims. So while there are many proxy softwares or services online, we recommend you use a tested, mature and safe option.

UltraSurf is one such proxy service requiring you to have a client software on your computer. The good news is the software & service are Free, you don’t have to install the software on your computer, and it is very simple to use.

How To Start Using The UltraSurf Proxy Software

For Mac users, follow this video tutorial.

For Windows users, this is simple!
Head over to
Download the software for your operating system.
As there is no installation required, you are ready to use the UltraSurf service.

Browsing Using UltraSurf

  1. Unzip the exe to any location on your computer.
  2. To access blocked websites do the following:
    • Run the exe from wherever you unzipped it
    • Start your Internet Explorer web browser and access the blocked site
    • Quit the exe to stop accessing the blocked site & closing your browser automatically

Using Skype & Bittorrent With UltraSurf

To use Skype do the following:

  • Launch Skype
  • Go to “tools”-“options”-“advanced”-“connection” and Select “HTTPS” from the dropdown menu; Set the Host to and the Port to 9666; Click on “Save”.
  • Quit Skype
  • When you want to use Skype, launch the UltraSurf exe, then launch Skype

To use a Bittorrent client do the following:

  • Launch the bittorrent client
  • Go to Preferences or Options as the case may be, and Select “HTTPS” from the dropdown menu; Set the Host to and the Port to 9666; Click on “Save”.
  • Quit the bittorrent client
  • When you want to download torrents, launch the UltraSurf exe, then launch the bittorrent client


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