Android SecurityIn the age of expensive Android smartphones you need to take precautions not to lose your phone, and if by some ill luck it does, you need to ensure that your contacts & data don’t fall into the hands of unscrupulous characters.

For those of you interested in learning how you can do this on your Android smartphone, here are a few tips to secure your Android smartphone.

Enable A Screen Lock

This is the quickest & easiest method to secure your smartphone from prying individuals.

There are many methods of locking your screen with Face Unlock & Voice Unlock being the most unreliable at the moment. So for consistency in unlocking your phone, its recommended you use Pattern or PIN locking.

Unless you use an easy to guess locking pattern or PIN, the only way to be able to use your smartphone is to do a factory reset. This way at the very least your contacts & data are safe!

Steps to lock your screen:

  • Switch on your Android smartphone
  • Go to System Settings > Security > Screen lock
  • Select either Pattern or PIN
  • Follow the on-screen steps

Use the Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager is an administrative tool found in the Google Settings app in your phone’s Apps menu that lets you remotely administer your deviceĀ in case your device has been lost or stolen, to perform actions such as tracking your device, locking your device, and wiping all data on your device.

Although not very accurate, the Tracking feature lets you know the vicinity in which you should focus the search for your lost smartphone.

The Locking feature lets you set / change the password to use your phone. This functions like the screen-locking feature described above and protects your contacts & data. Setting this locking password will replace your current lock screen setting with a password-protected lock screen.

The Wiping feature lets you remotely execute a Factory Reset on your phone which results in clearing all your manual settings and data off your phone. This is best used as soon as you cannot find your device.

Steps to enable Android Device Manager features:

  • Switch on your Android smartphone
  • Go to the Apps menu
  • Open the Google Settings app
  • Select the option for Security > Android Device Manager
  • Select the options you need activated

To administer the device visit

Disclaimer: The tips mentioned in this post are for educational purposes only and are based on functionality as released by the software owners. This functionality may change or not function as expected. Hence, we do not provide any guarantees.

Once your phone is lost, whether or not you can protect your contacts & data, you are not going to be getting your phone back. Preventing the loss of your phone is your best bet for a worry-free ownership experience. So its important you start learning to keep your phone with you at all times.

Good luck!

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