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For quite some time now Google has given us wonderful tools to Work & Play for free.

In the process of using these tools we created & uploaded loads of our own content in the form of E-mails, Photos, Chats, Calendars, Videos, Documents, etc. onto Google’s servers.

Up until recently there was no way we could get any of this content back from Google.

That is until Google launched Takeout, a service that lets you download you content from their servers.

To download your content you need to:

  1. Navigate to https://www.google.com/settings/takeout
  2. Log-in to with your Google account credentials
  3. Click on the Create an archive button
  4. Select the services from which you want to download your data
  5. Note the formats in which the data will be available
  6. Download the data as an Archive in ZIP / TGZ / TBZ formats
google takeout

Try the Google Takeout service now >>


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