Inspired by a personal real-life incident wherein they realized there was no cost-effective device that could be operated by an untrained operator to monitor a family-member’s heart condition, an engineer couple decide to build a device themselves.

sanket-logo Sanket


The prototype device called Sanket is now ready to be turned into a product and could be available as low as 20% of the cost of current ECG monitors.

According to the device inventors, Sanket uses revolutionary finger press technology to pick up ECG signals from the heart. It uses sophisticated circuitry to dampen even the weakest of noise signals to provide highly accurate ECG measurement capability while packaged in a friendly, highly-mobile form factor.

A smartphone app is linked to the monitor via Bluetooth and is used to store and share the device data. This lets doctor monitor the patient’s heart remotely. The Sanket device can also raise an alarm when it notices something abnormal.


The device in future planned avatars would work as an element of a mobile / cloud based wellness solution.

How Sanket Works

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