Android users of the popular messaging app WhatsApp have so far sorely missed privacy features that would let them hide their profile pic, last seen time, and status message from strangers who got hold of their mobile numbers.

Android users now get it for free

Users of WhatsApp on iOS have had this feature for a long time now with their payment of $0.99 as an upfront fee. Now the latest version of WhatsApp for Android has these features too and you will not have to pay anything extra for them!

Upgrade for Privacy

To check if you have the WhatsApp version with these privacy features, you need to find out the version number of your app. To do this follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the WhatsApp app on your Android phone
  2. Navigate through WhatsApp Menu > Settings > Help > About
  3. The version number is mentioned next to the word Version
  4. Your version number should be greater than 2.11.171

If your app version is less then you will need to install the upgraded version of the app for the Privacy features. To install this upgraded version you will have to download the APK (installer file) from the WhatsApp website.

Privacy settings

After upgrading WhatsApp you can access the new Privacy settings by navigating through WhatsApp Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy

whatsapp privacy settings

This WhatsApp FAQ page will help you understand how to configure your Privacy settings.

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