Popcorn Time is an free, open source desktop software for Mac, Windows, and Linux that acts like an online video streaming service for streaming video torrents.

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Created for those who cannot wait to watch the movie they are downloading, the software plays the movie as it downloads from torrents uploaded by YIFY.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 1.33.33 pmThe Popcorn Time software is currently available for the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, however, be aware that the software is still in Beta as of this writing.

Although you are watching the movie as it downloads, you are also seeding the downloaded bits of the movie file that has already been downloaded. So you are also actively sharing the movie.

As the software is about playing ANY movies being shared online, without any check on distribution rights, you will need to be aware of your local laws governing digital piracy.

As for the movies you download via Popcorn Time, they will stay in a secret folder somewhere on your drive until you restart your computer. Then it will be permanently deleted.

Popcorn Time is no longer available from the Popcorn Time website as the founding team decided not to support it anymore.

Instead the software is now supported by YIFY torrents team (YTS) and is now being shared via GitHub,

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[Images courtesy: Popcorn Time website]


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