Tringgr is a new online service which lets you use just a web browser such as Chrome to place audio / video calls or start video conferencing for free!


Starting a conference

Tringgr has made this process very simple! All you need to do is click the link to start a conference by entering your display name, and then share the conference link with your friends or colleagues.


They just need a web browser (Chrome only for now) with a webcam and an internet connection to join you.

No registration is necessary for either you or your invitees.

The current free service lets you communicate with upto 4 participants.

WebRTC platform

The video conferencing solution is based on the WebRTC platform and does not require users to download, register or install plugins to use the service.

Tringgr services can also run on GPRS speeds (56-115 kbps) which offers the lowest bandwidth.

Tringgr options

Tringgr lets users pick from the following options:

  • video conferences

  • audio only conferences

  • group or private text or chat

  • screen sharing

Future plans

In future, Tringgr plans to be a full blown chat & conference engine with contact lists, secure & anonymous conferencing options, social networking, IM, and Screen Sharing features.

Try Tringgr now >>

[Images courtesy: Tringgr website]


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