A class 12 student, Rajesh Adhikari, from Nainital in India has built a simple mobile phone charger into his shoes to let him charge his cell phone while walking.

dynamo principle

The charger works on a spring & dynamo mechanism and powers the device connected to it via a charging cable.

Each time the foot lifts the spring on the underside of the shoe stretches & relaxes. Then when you apply pressure on the heel while taking a step, the mechanism kicks into play.

The energy generated by the setup is reportedly also capable of providing enough juice to light up a small room.

It is not clear if the student intends to take his development any further, although we hope he does. If productized such an implementation can be the saving grace for villages and towns where electricity is not a 24/7 service.

However to do that, he will have to work on increasing charging cable length, storage of charge while no device is connected, etc. to make it a practical product.

View the (Hindi language) video below to see the shoe phone charger in action:

[Video courtesy: ANI]


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