Google Chrome – The Web Browser

Almost everyone has heard of and used the Google Chrome browser at some point of time. Google has been marketing it as a very fast web browser for some time now. There is even a version for Android devices.

Not content with just speeding up your web browsing, the folks at Google have taken it a step further by building the Google Chrome operating system (OS).

Using the logic that most of us use our PCs only to access the Internet, Google worked on getting PCs to boot up directly into the web browser so that you can access the Internet a lot faster!

Google Chrome OS

About Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system designed by Google to work primarily with web applications accessed using the Google Chrome web browser.

Chrome OS comes pre-installed on a Chromebook.

Chrome OS Guided Tour

Be Warned!

A word of caution though. Using the Chrome OS would mean that you end up using mostly Google services, which also means all your data & communications reside on Google’s servers for better or worse. Do you want to take that chance with the recent NSA disclosures?

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