voip-iconThis post describes the method I have used to setup my mobile phone to receive voice calls made to a U.S. phone number via the Internet / VoIP.

All the resources I have used are completely free of cost except for VoIP data charges I have to bear per call.

About SIP

SIP, the session initiation protocol, is the management interface for VOIP and other text and multimedia sessions, like instant messaging, video, online games and other services.

To use SIP you need to have an SIP account with a SIP server / host machine.

Getting a Free SIP account

For a free SIP account I have used LinPhone which is an open source software that is not only available for Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms, but also for smartphone platforms like Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.

LinPhone allows voice and video communication with a lot of interesting features, including a lot of codecs, support for IPv6, echo cancellation, bandwidth management etc. and can be used with any SIP VoIP operator, including their own free SIP audio/video service.I created my free SIP service account using this page.

Install the Free SIP mobile app

Download and install the LinPhone mobile app for the Android, iPhone, and Windows smartphone platforms.

linphone mobile app call history

LinPhone mobile app call history

Once I had installed the app, I promptly logged in using the free LinPhone SIP service account I had created earlier.

Getting & Linking the Free U.S. phone number

For a free U.S. phone number to link to the LinPhone SIP service account, I used the free phone number service from CallCentric that provides a free New York state phone number for any SIP service account holder.

Once you get your free phone number, visit this page to forward the number to your SIP account.

Almost immediately after forwarding the free phone number with the LinPhone SIP service account details, I made a call to my new U.S. phone number which promptly rang on my smartphone.

My number was ready to be used with the LinPhone mobile app on my smartphone.


Based on my experience with both the LinPhone & CallCentric services I have the following observations:

  • The audio quality is best if used on a WiFi connection, although a 3G / 4G connection is not too bad.
  • Caller ID works well and displays the correct incoming caller number.

Were you able to do this too? Do post your experience and rate this article below.