Ever wanted to make a presentation to a client in a distant location, or wanted to conduct a meeting / classroom session with an audience across multiple geographical locations, all from your own desk? A webinar or web conference is the way to go…

To conduct a webinar at the very least you would need a Microphone, Speakers, and a Webcam. A noise-cancelling headset is highly recommended to avoid the very unpleasant, snowballing, echo feedback phenomenon.

There are many webinar services available, however, most if not all are not easy on the pocket. But what if you could conduct free webinars?

onwebinar logo free webinarOnWebinar is a slightly dated looking website, but one really cannot complain about the Free Webinar service they provide. Just tried it myself, and I find it quite good for no price tag!

Free Webinar service features

  • Unlimited Video conferencing
  • Multifunctional chat
  • Whiteboard and slide show presentation
  • Polls
  • Sharing links
  • Sharing files
  • Annotations

Create a Free Webinar

  1. Open http://www.onwebinar.com
  2. Scroll down and click on Install Now in a box on the right. You will need to allow the Flash / Shockwave plugin to run for this website. If you don’t have it you will need to install it to proceed further.
  3. Follow the install wizard and finally click on Run Now to launch webinar screen.
  4. When prompted enter Username and Password.
  5. Close the Tips wizard if not required.
  6. Create a webinar by clicking the bottom-left corner Create button.
  7. Setup webinar to be free for attendees and without a password.

Invite Attendees

  1. Send an invite to your attendees with the free Webinar link in this format: http://[username].onwebinar.com
    Do not use the “.ru” address at the top of your Webinar screen.
  2. Ask them to open it at the specific time in their time zone.
  3. They will need to enter their first name / nick name in the Login field, and select their Gender.
  4. They can then see the webinar screen.


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