If you have ever tried to setup your own company or personal blog, you would have heard of an application called WordPress. It is by far the simplest, most robust, and the most versatile CMS Web application that supports creation of various kinds of online presences from blogs to new websites to online stores!

This website too is created using a self-hosted copy of the latest version of the software downloaded from WordPress.org community. However, it is also available as a convenient, hosted solution with a paid subscription from the WordPress.com service.

There are thousands of themes & plugins available that let you customize most aspects of your website or blog, from its appearance to add-on functionalities. This lets you get started with a professional-looking website with tested functionalities in just a matter of minutes!

Did you know that famous brands also use WordPress? Here are some fun facts for you, as an infographic, courtesy of WooRockets:

 Wordpress is being used by several BIG names across several industries in addition to people like you and me.

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